Etun – Production and Marketing of Home Textiles

Etun specializes in the design and production of home textiles for the Hospitality sector in Israel and abroad. Our fabrics can be found in leading hotels, guest houses, old age homes and offices worldwide.

Designer, entrepreneur, hotel manager we are here for you. 

Where are we special?


If we have to define ETUN in one word it is FLEXIBILITY

Our ability to read your needs and translate them to readymade solutions in every yarn, fabric structure.


Our love for creating fabrics and our awareness of modern design trends leads us in finding new, exciting products in every collection we create.


Etun is a ONE STOP SHOP for all the design and production processes. We take care of everything from the planning and development stage throughout the design, production making up and installation of the final product.

150 year of yarns, fabrics colours and creativity

Like a fine piece of fabric the story of ETUN is woven for four generation family tradition.

Etun started as a small family business in Germany in 1868. In 1934 Dr. Paul Horn immigrated to Palestine and opened a small factory producing cleaning cloths,blankets and bedspreads. Today the firm is managed by the 4th generation of textile experts. We serve the hospitality trade for many many years and export our products worldwide.


From the initial idea to the finished product

We specialise in individually adapted designs for the hospitality trade.

The process begins with our marketing team meeting the client to learn about  their vision and requirements. Unlike buying an existing fabric in a shop we can create solutions to your design ideas without having to compromise on pattern and colour,  while keeping the cost within your budget.

•First our marketing team learns about your requirements and if possible meets with you

•The design team starts creating the new patterns/colour

•Initial patterns are woven in the weaving department

•The making up department prepares the draperies, bedspreads, bed skirts decorative cushions.

•Our installation team supplies and installs the draperies on your site.

✂ ✂ ✂


We in ETUN see the interior designers and architects a source of inspiration and by close cooperation we achieve design perfection in each project.

Decades of experience in designing and supplying hospitality projects taught us to listen, learn and apply your thoughts as close as possible to what you envisioned.

We know that dreams can only come true when they are supported by two stable feet on ground. We are your ground and know that every dream can come to life and every line you draw can come alive.

Etun LTD

Nahal Snir St 5 , Yavne, 8122442


TEL.  +972-8-9328110

FAX.  +972-8-9328120

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